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I am able to offer DIY Kits for home builders.

This is a kit for the wooden structure of the teardrop. The DIY builder can construct this teardrop with a minimum fuss with a maximum of enjoyment!  Quality materials are used throughout.
The kit of parts has been designed for easy assembly using a minimum of tools.  All plywood parts are precision cut using a CNC flat bed router.
Parts are machined with locating slots or rebates that allows accurate assembly without marking out or measuring.  

Shown below is the internal configuration. 
2 sliding doors on the lower shelf in the sleeping cabin, 2 sliding doors on the cupboards above the kitchen bench, 3 angled hinged cupboard doors at rear below the bench and 2 sliding drawers at the lower rear of the kitchen. There is also a space below the kitchen bench to house a 15lt water container and hand pump.

Please note the kit does not include screws, glue, cladding, chassis, wheels, guards, lights, stove, windows, locks, mattress etc..

What is included:
  • The kit contains all the Ply and Hardwood necessary for the construction of the Teardrop Camper. 
  • All parts are precut to exact size ready for assembly.
  • All screw holes are pre-drilled in the top part for easy alignment and assembly.
  • Main Side Panels - 18mm marine ply profiled, rebated and drilled to accept shelf unit. Door cut out from side etc.
  • Cupboards and shelves - 12mm ply profiled rebated and drilled.
  • Exterior roof skin - 3mm ply.
  • Interior roof lining - 3mm ply.
  • Floor - 12mm marine ply.
  • Sliding Doors - 2 kitchen, 2 Cabin
  • Above bench shelf inserts - 2 shelve units with 1 drawer (extra drawer available as option)
  • Drawer Slides - 2 sets for kitchen drawers (quality ball bearings, full extension)
  • Cupboard hinges - 3 sets for kitchen cupboards (easy precision fitting)
  • Roof and floor battens 42x19mm Tas Oak hardwood cut to length.
  • Interior marine type carpet lining is supplied cut to exact shape ready for installation.
  • An 18mm MDF shelf assembly jig that duplicates exactly the slots in the main sides. This allows the shelf unit to be completed and easily handled prior attaching to the main sides of the Teardrop.
  • A step by step instruction booklet with photographs explaining each procedure.

Internal cabin (bed): 1200x1930mm
External length excluding chassis draw bar: 2400mm
External width excluding mudguards: 1230mm
On the road weight, approximately 280 to350kg

A lot of effort has been put into making this teardrop kit as 'lock-step' as possible.  Ease of building has been an important part of the design process.  Systematic, fast, and accurate assembly.  I hope you enjoy building this Teardrop Camper as much as I do!

Options available:
  •  Tall persons version! For those who need extra leg space while sleeping. Some cupboard/shelf space must be compromised to accommodate the extra length in the sleeping area.
  •  Extra "above bench" shelf drawer
  •  Standard leg length version allows more cupboard space in the kitchen area.

Tall persons version has handy storage shelf at the rear.
Shelf and cupboard layout.

Price of Kits:
$2700 plus delivery
Please contact me for more details.