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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cutting a Plastic Treble Clef

Recently a client required a part of a sign for a shop front. Here is the CNC Machine cutting out the Shape in 25mm plastic using a 6mm router cutter

Friday, June 17, 2011


Quality precision CNC cut kit for the DIY builder

Pricing: $2700 plus delivery costs

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

250mm Travel Telescope

This is a 3rd development of the travel scope idea.

The main design requirements are to make the scope compact and lightweight so that it is easy to transport. A normal Dobsonian Telescope of this aperture is phisically quite large - about 1500mm high with a tube diameter of 300mm. This scope will colapse down to a box 250mm x 250mm x 230mm plus some aluminium struts about 1200mm long.

Shown here is the kit of parts prior to assembly.
My next post will show the assembled telescope!

Monday, May 30, 2011

VCarve Engraving - Mould Plug for Concrete Garden Sleepers

We have a need for garden sleepers for our new Vegie Patch!

I found a image of a wooden plank with a distinctive grain pattern, then loaded it into my CAM application to produce the tool paths. I then CNC cut the pattern of the "plank" into MDF. A fibreglass mould will be constructed from the MDF plank. The mould will be used to cast concrete sleepers for our garden.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Torsion Box Ribs for Eliptical Board Room Table

I have just completed an interesting job for David Emery, a furniture designer maker in Central Victoria
The project is a 6.4m X 2.4m boardroom table that is being constructed using a torsion box internal structure.
The table surface disassembles into 4 sections. The table top profile and plan views have been derived from arcs to suit the designs aesthetic requirements.  My job was to construct a CAD Model from the design specifications and cut the internal ribs for the elliptical structure.  The top and bottom surfaces will be made from veneered plywood.  A strong light and stiff structure can be made by using these contemporary techniques.

My work flow for this job was as follows:

1.Construct a CAD drawing and create a surface model of the table

2. Offset the surface to allow for the skin surface thickness

3. Section  the offset surface at 50mm intervals

4. Cut the ribs using the cross-section curves

Typical  Ribs

 Ribs for the table join lines

More ribs!

All stacked up ready to ship

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Modular Shelves for Teardrop Camper Kitchen

Using about 0.2mm offset in the joints, the sides push firmly together. I used Poly glue on these ones, but in the past I have used super glue.
These units are to be used in the kitchen of the Teardrop Camper

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moulding a RC Model Glider Fuselage

Hydrostone Plaster Moulds were made from CNC machined MDF plugs. The quality of the finished part is dependent on the surface finish of the mould and thus the surface finish of the plug!

This method is a quick method of prodicing prototypes or limited production runs. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some recent projects for clients

 I cut out some letters from 18mm MDF for a client the other day. These were a test group to see if concept was going to work.
 The Blue Foam plugs shown below are going to be used as sand casting plugs for an i550 sports boat keel bulb (trailerable yacht - 80kg of lead will be cast and bolted to the bottom of the centre board.  More pic as this project progresses. An interesting project, as these plugs are split in 2 halves with the recess machined out to accept the bottom of the centre board (centre board already machined!). The plugs were cut  by locating the foam on dowels, machining the inside split line with the centre board recess. The blocks were then flipped over, located on the dowels again, so that the outside 3D shape could be machined.

Roughing pass to remove the bulk of the material.
( NYECAM has already CNC cut the ply hull parts for a i550. I am able to offer this service to prospective builders if they have purchased a registered building plan/license. )

Friday, February 11, 2011


The last few months have been spent prototyping a new teardrop camper,

This model has been manufactured using CNCcut parts. The building systems  have been optimised for easy assembly using a minimum of tools.

NYECAM is able to offer CNC Cut Kits for the DIY builder. The "Ply and Timber Kit" of parts  means you can purchase a kit with all the timber and ply cut, grooved, screw holes drilled and sanded ready to assemble,
The internal soft lining can also be supplied cut to the exact shape ready to install!

Teardrop Campers are a great way to go touring or camping - hassle free set up, very convenient and a comfy bed!
More Details: