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Latest Teardrop build

This page contains pictures and information of the current teardrop under construction. I will post pictures at regular intervals as the project progresses.

This teardrop is essentially the same construction as the Teardrop kit offered by Nyecam.

The construction of the Teardrop begins with the assembly of the shelf unit. The kit contains a rectangular pair of jigs that make assembly of the shelf unit less cumbersome.  The jigs are rebated and screwed holes drill exactly the same as the main body sides. The jigs allow the shelf unit to be easily placed in any orientation; really helpful for assembly, sanding, and painting etc..  I recommend that the shelf unit is totally completed before the main teardrop sides are attached. Yes, this means everything to do with the shelf unit should be finished prior to fixing to the teardrop sides. Doors hinged, drawers installed, bench laminated, all painting and finishing - everything! When the jigs are removed, the shelves will align perfectly with the main sides while assembling. 

Main shelf members glued and screwed together and positioned and dry screwed to the jigs.

Drawer slide supports located in locator slots then glued and screwed.

Cupboard faces glued and clamped

Drawer slides installed (using locating slots and alignment templates supplied)

Cupboard doors hinged.
All drawers and shelf units are finger jointed together

Holding the trim in place while the glue sets

Assembling the Teardrop Floor. Underside battens are glued and screwed in place.

The Story so far

Teardrop sides profile cut, shelf slots rebated and screw holes drilled
Rebates and predrilled holes - Easy Assembly!

The lip and seal are aligned using pre-drilled holes and locating dowels
The door jam/lip is glued in position

Trimming off excess glue

Using a broard chissel as a scraper easily removes the hardened polyeurethane glue.

The cleaned up door lip

The door lips sanded ready for sealing with epoxy.  Exterior polyeurethene varnish  applied for a waterproof finish.

Scraps of ply are placed into the rebates to facilitate accurate alignment of the carpet PRIOR to applying the glue

The Carpet Lining is cut using a template. The lining will be glued in place after the door seal lips have been sealed painted.
Use Contact Adhesive to glue the lining in place

Apply to small areas of  ply then rub / press into place with a smooth block of wood

The under floor is coated with several coats of rubber sealer
The first side is glued and screwed to the shelves and floor
The second side is then given the same treatment!

Starting to take shape!!
The roof battens are intalled next
Roof vent opening has double thickness of timber to accomodate the fixing screws when the vent is installed

Mark the location of the roof battens

Sliding the interior lining under the roof battens. Note the carpet has been glued to the ply prior to installation 
Once the interior lining is in place, glue the out side to the battens and nail through the carpet and ply.

Cutting out the Vent hole

"Dry fitting" the doors
to be continued........