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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Torsion Box Ribs for Eliptical Board Room Table

I have just completed an interesting job for David Emery, a furniture designer maker in Central Victoria
The project is a 6.4m X 2.4m boardroom table that is being constructed using a torsion box internal structure.
The table surface disassembles into 4 sections. The table top profile and plan views have been derived from arcs to suit the designs aesthetic requirements.  My job was to construct a CAD Model from the design specifications and cut the internal ribs for the elliptical structure.  The top and bottom surfaces will be made from veneered plywood.  A strong light and stiff structure can be made by using these contemporary techniques.

My work flow for this job was as follows:

1.Construct a CAD drawing and create a surface model of the table

2. Offset the surface to allow for the skin surface thickness

3. Section  the offset surface at 50mm intervals

4. Cut the ribs using the cross-section curves

Typical  Ribs

 Ribs for the table join lines

More ribs!

All stacked up ready to ship